Commercial Properties

Yaggy Building
400 Roberson St.
Carrboro, NC
GLA: 17,864 sq ft 

Type: Single Tenant office building 

Vacancy: No Vacancy

The Lloyd Street Office Center
205 Lloyd St.
Carrboro, NC
GLA: 9,587 sq ft 

Type: Multi Tenant office building

Vacancy: Yes. (As of 5/20/18) Call for details.

Lloyd Street Court
209 Lloyd St.
Carrboro, NC
GLA: 12,861 sq ft 

Type: Multi Tenant office building

Vacancy: Yes. (as of 5/20/18) Call for details.

Carr Mill Mall
200 N. Greensboro St.
Carrboro, NC
GLA: 142,814 sq ft 

Type: Retail/Office mixed use property

Retail Vacancy: No vacancy

Office Vacancy: No vacancy

Woodcroft Professional Ctr.
5501 Fortune's Ridge Drive
Durham, NC
GLA: 18,375 sq ft 

Type: Multi Tenant professional office   center

Vacancy: No vacancy

600 Franklin Square
1829 E. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, NC
GLA: 4,533 sq ft

Type: Multi Tenant office condominium property

Vacancy:  Call for details

250 East Winmore 
Chapel Hill, NC
GLA: 914 sq ft

Type: Condo Office Unit

Vacancy: Call for details

The Point
208 W. Main St.
210 W. Main St.
212 W. Main St.
Carrboro, NC
GLA: 5,520 sq ft

Type: General Office Space

Vacancy: Call for details